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PVC in Sport

Brought to you by the British Plastics Federation's Vinyls Group

A Sporting Success Story

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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) has many possible applications in the modern world including in construction, healthcare and automotive. Indeed, we would struggle to live day-to-day without plastics, and more specifically, without PVC. The same is true in sport where PVC can fulfill a number of roles in sporting stadia, equipment and accessories.

In celebration of the role that PVC can play at sporting events, the Vinyls Group have produced a brochure highlighting the use of PVC products in the construction of sporting venues, as well as the diverse range of PVC product applications for performance sports surfaces, sports equipment and clothing. The creation of the brochure has been prompted by the sporting events which are being held during 2012 and 2014 in London and Glasgow respectively.

To download the brochure please click here.

For 2012 and Beyond

For this year’s sporting events in London, PVC fabric will be highly visible at a number of venues. PVC products are also being used extensively for performance sports surfaces, protective barriers, and matting. In addition, behind the scenes, PVC products are playing a critical role in the vital wiring and piping infrastructure. In total over one hundred and forty two thousand square metres of PVC fabric are being used to create new London sports venues. Table 1 shown below provide further information on the amount of fabric being used for some of the iconic new venues;

 Use of PVC Fabric at London Sporting Venues
Table 1: Use of PVC fabric at London Sporting Venues

PVC Comes of Age


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