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Operation Clean Sweep BPF

Operation Clean Sweep: Plastic Pellet Loss Protection


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'BPF requests firms involved in the handling of plastics materials to seriously consider, if they are not already doing so, adopting the principles of Operation Clean Sweep, in order to minimise the opportunities for pellet loss'.

The BPF have launched 'Operation Clean Sweep: Plastic Pellet Loss prevention', a manual on best practice in ensuring zero pellet loss into the environment.

The Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) programme and manual contains guidelines to help plastics industry operations managers reduce the loss of pellets to the environment.

To get your copy of the manual CLICK HERE

The BPF hopes to get the commitment of every company, from top management to shop floor employees to use this manual on prevention, containment and clean up of plastic materials to ensure no escape into the environment.

Company Pledge

Join your fellow industry colleagues and take the pledge for your company to be an Operation Clean Sweep Partner.

To demonstrate your commitment to a clean environment, please complete the below "Pledge to Prevent Resin Pellet Loss".   In return, your company will receive a certificate suitable for display affirming your commitment to being an Operation Clean Sweep Partner.

Completing this pledge will qualify your company's name to be added (unless otherwise specified) to the list of OCS Program Partners on the Operation Clean Sweep website. Listed partner company names may be used in publicity for the program. 

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Pledge to Prevent Resin Pellet Loss

Operation Cleansweep Certificate
Receive a cirtificate
when you sign the pladge

Our Company recognises the importance of preventing the loss of resin pellets into the environment and we are committed to implementing the Operation Clean Sweep programme.

We will be an OCS Programme Partner, strive towards zero pellet loss and make changes wherever possible and practical to...

  • Improve our worksite set-up to prevent and address spills
  • Create and publish internal procedures to achieve zero pellet loss goals
  •  Provide employee training and accountability for spill prevention, containment, clean up and disposal
  •  Audit our performance regularly
  •  Comply with all applicable state and local regulations governing pellet containment


 Companies That Have Signed The Pledge!

A K Industries Alfaplas Distrupol Gabriel-Chemie
McKechnie Plastic Components Plastribution Spectra Masterbatch Vita Thermoplastic Polymers
Moss Plastic Parts Hygrade Industrial Plastics Teknor Apex Balmoral Tanks
Mahle Filter Systems Sumika Polymer Compounds Birkby's Plastics RPC Containers
4Plas Vinnolit Hillhouse Perrite Leafield Environmental
Anagram International Wavin Sabic Belgium NV Aquapurge
Epwin Harold Fisher Data Plastics GVoA mbH & Co KG
Impact Solutions Alpha Gary Hardie Polymers Automated Packaging Systems

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