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The BPF Recycling Group is the representative body for UK plastic recyclers.  Formerly an independent, but affiliated organisation, the ‘BPF Recycling Council’ officially became the BPF Recycling Group on the 4th January 2011 and is now a stand-alone membership group within the British Plastics Federation.    




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BPF Recycling Group Manifesto 2014
The manifesto sets out powerful arguments to enable the plastics recycling sector to meet the Government’s low carbon manufacturing ambitions which are central to meeting aspirations of a circular economy and resource efficiency.

CLICK HERE to download the BPF Recycling Group Manifesto


In its support for recycling in the UK the BPF believes that no stone should be left unturned in the plastics supply chain's attempts to achieve the 2017 UK plastics packaging recycling targets. Accordingly the BPF supports the search for new projects which assist in this. There are many possibilities which are currently being developed which merit close attention by the industry and by government and funding institutions. These include such projects as a mannequin containing 50% recycled post-consumer recyclate, the development of recycled materials for use in paint cans and proposals to utilise reinforced mixed plastic waste, currently landfilled, to produce concrete and wood substitutes.

Other innovative projects include the manufacturing of walkways and garden furniture made entirely by recycled plastics, the recycling of plastic plant pots to manufacture new products and the production of innovative products that improve the safety at construction sites.

WRAP ans BPF  have illustrated the benefits of using recycled polymers in the paper 'Using recycled polymers in new products: a business opportunity' which can be accessed here.

All the companies listed are members of the BPF’s Recycling Group. This means that you can contact them with complete confidence - confidence in companies that operate in highly competitive markets - confidence in companies whose products achieve the highest possible standards.

CLICK HERE to download the Buyers Guide for plastics recyclers.

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