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Plastipedia - The Web's Largest Plastics Encyclopedia

Image  History

The Plastics Timeline is a set of 10 poster. They depict the significant developments and milestone throughout the history of plastics. Download your free set here. Image

Image  Additives

An over view of the role that additives play in the production of plastic and a look at the main additives. Image

Image  Polymers

An A-Z of polymers and a look at the two main types, thermosets and thermoplastics. Image

Image  Applications

Some of the main applications for plastics including construction, automotive and aerospace. Image

Image  Processes

The 25 main processing technologies, including detailed animations. Image

Image Testing

Testing plays a critical role in the life cycle of a polymer, from the raw material to the compound through to the semi-finished and finished product. Image

Image  Polymer Prices

Information on price trends of the key commodity polymers. Image

Image  Sustainability

This Initiative has been created to showcase the UK as global leaders of sustainable manufacturing in plastics processing. Image

Image  Energy

Energy costs are rising and there is no reason to believe that they will decrease in the future. Image

Image  Construction

The Construction sector is the second highest user of plastics after packaging. Image

Image  Standards

A guide to the standards associated with the Plastics Industry. Image

Image Bio-based & Degradable

A look at alternatives to conventional oil and gas-based plastics. Image

Image  Polymer Study Tours

These 4 day residential courses are designed for teachers. Image

Image  Buyers Guides

Download our 11 Buyers Guides for free, listing all our member companies, and contact details. Image

Image  Abbreviations

Overview of the 100 plus plastics abbreviations. Image

Image  Translations

All the key industry terms in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Image

Image  Plastbook

The web's largest online network of plastics professionals. Image