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KTN Funding Column March 2012

KTN Funding Column March 2012

Low carbon vehicles: the road to market

The TSB and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles are to invest up to £25m

Open date: 20 February 2012

Registration close date: 21 March 2012

Close date: 28 March 2012

The aim is to strengthen UK capability by encouraging a reduction of costs in the supply base and a faster adoption of new technologies on UK roads. Our focus is on pulling technology through the various stages of the innovation chain.  We are looking to invest in highly innovative projects involving low carbon vehicles that aim to achieve significant cuts in CO2 from road transport.

Proposals must be centred on the vehicle and cover at least one technical area and at least one competition theme as detailed in the brief.  Projects must be collaborative and business-led. We expect to award a range of grants from £500k and potentially up to figures in excess of £5m.

Sustainable manufacturing for the process industry

TSB to invest up to £4.6m on larger collaborative projects, £400k on feasibility studies

Open date: 27 Feb 2012

Registration close date: 18 April 2012

Close date: 25 April 2012

Innovation in sustainability is vital for the continued success and growth of the UK process industry, including for the bulk and fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech, agrochemical, coatings and lubricant, food and drink, home and personal care, mining, water, construction materials, and oil and fuel sectors. We aim to encourage innovation in manufacturing steps that improve economic performance, benefit the environment and have a positive social impact.

Up to £4.6m is available for collaborative R&D projects, which must be business-led and include an end user.

Up to £400k is available for feasibility projects, which must be business-led and may be collaborative or led by single companies. Collaborative R&D projects should last one to three years and will attract up to 50% public funding.

Feasibility projects should last six to nine months and will attract up to 75% public funding.

The competition opens on 27 February 2012. The deadline for applications for feasibility funding is at noon on 25 April 2012.

There is a two-stage process for collaborative R&D funding. Expressions of interest must be submitted by noon on 25 April 2012 and the second stage for invited applicants opens on 21 May 2012.

The deadline for final applications is at noon on 4 July 2012. A briefing day for potential applicants for feasibility and collaborative R&D funding will be held on 8 March 2012.

Sustainable process manufacturing group

A group to support the TSB's Sustainable Manufacturing for the Process Industry funding call (call details above).  If you are interested in bidding into this call joining the group is a very helpful move.  The projects are likely to be feasibility projects and collaborative research and development.  These will encourage the development and commercialisation of innovative approaches to sustainable manufacturing in the process industry.

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