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BPF seeks members' assistance with PLC-PROG project

The British Plastics Federation is involved in a European FP-7 Project entitled "PLC-PROG" aimed at developing technical solutions to solve problems and cover common needs of SMEs in specific industrial sectors, such as the automation sector. 

Please be so kind as to email all responses to Tim Marsden -
How many personnel are dedicated to PLCs in your facility, in the following areas:
- Developing PLC software

- PLC software maintenance

- PLC software use
Please comment on the following:
Which brand are you currently using?

Which model?

Number of installations (within your facility):

The first 25 responses by Thursday 10th November will be entered into a prize draw to win a bottle of wine!

Most modern automation installations are driven by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Nowadays, the low level programming languages that have been used for decades, such as Ladder Diagrams (LD), are still being used to develop the new software. Besides, there are 'hidden' penalties: PLC software is brand dependent.
The aim of the project is to develop a software tool which for developing PLC programs with the following features:
· Extensible. The design of the objects includes built-in capabilities for performing not only their specific task, but also for exchanging data with external supervision programs (SCADAs), databases (SQL), etc.
· Graphical Interface
· Integration of existing tools. Every object block can be internally programmed in one of the low level language supported by the IEC 61131-3 norm.
· Library maintenance tools for an easy storage and retrieval of developed objects.
· Brand independence. A brand-specific postprocessor generates the final code ready for downloading into the target PLC.
Therefore the PLC-PROG software sets a new framework easing PLC programming. This new tool provide an easy overall view of the PLC based automation process, providing a high level automation language easy to use and to understand, reducing drastically the time devoted to PLC programming.

The first 25 responses received by Thursday 10th November will enter a prize-draw to win a bottle of wine - just in time for Christmas!
Please e-mail all responses to Tim Marsden -

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