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BPF Council Goes To The Bank

BPF Council Goes To The Bank

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) Council held its meeting at the Bank of England on Thursday chaired by recently elected President, Philip Watkins.

Philip Watkins led a detailed dialogue between senior Bank officials and manufacturers representing a broad swathe of the UK’s plastics industry. The occasion was prompted by the publication of the latest BPF Business Trends Survey which was discussed in detail.

Points raised by the BPF Council included raw material availability and cost escalation, the outlook for energy costs, the impact of public sector cuts on plastics markets and consumer spending patterns, the ongoing effects of the Japanese Tsunami, skills shortages and the future of the Eurozone.

Philip Watkins, BPF President said, “This was a tremendous opportunity for the industry to brief the Bank on the reality of industrial conditions. With the broad spectrum of business sectors supplied by the plastics industry, the fortunes of our members are an accurate barometer of the state of UK manufacturing as a whole.”


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